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    Expenditure forms for Capital funding

    These forms will go live on PIP from midnight tonight. You will be required to complete a form for each strand of funding you received. Guidelines are available and you will probably save yourself a great deal of time and effort of you look through the guidelines before attempting to complete a form. We have attached a copy of the guidelines for your convenience.

    CCS and patterns of attendance

    Many of you will have seen the notice on PIP from the DCYA regarding CCS attendance and the snapshot window. Essentially children can only be registered on PIP for the hours/days they attend the service. Providers are being asked to monitor the child’s attendance during the snapshot window and if necessary, amend the registration during the week of the 15th October. The notice clearly states that attendance in that snapshot window can vary as the children settle into the service, however any ‘pattern’ should be reflected in the registration. As parents are key to the attendance of the children, explain to them the obligations/regulations that you operate under. Some parents may not realise that they can’t chop and change attendance as it suits them.

    ECCE payment

    The next ECCE payment will be made today and will include registrations that were approved by close of business on Monday 17 September.

    Higher Capitation

    The notice on PIP states that the forms will be available at the end of September. Pobal will be making catch-up payments during October and November.



    DES Inspectorate Guide to Early Years Education Inspection

    These guides are available on-line on the DES website. The English version can be accessed here, the Irish version can be accessed here. The guide outlines how inspections are done and was developed on the basis of inspections that have been completed since April 2016 and following stakeholder consultations. It came into effect on September 1 and replaces previous versions of the guide.

    Staff contracts

    These documents are really important. By law, every staff member is entitled to a statement of terms and conditions or a contract within two months of starting their employment. It is vital that your statement/contract sets out the terms and conditions of employment, so that everyone is clear about what is expected of them and what the company policy is on a range of issues.

    By law each statement/contract must contain the following:

    • The full name of employer and employee
    • The address of the employer
    • The place of work
    • The title of job or nature of work
    • The date the employment started
    • Details of rest periods and breaks as required by law
    • The rate of pay or method of calculation of pay
    • Pay intervals
    • Hours of work
    • Details of paid leave
    • Sick pay and pension (if any)

    Personnel Records

    To comply with employment legislation, employers are required to keep certain records. These should be kept for at least 3 years. The records include:

    • Full Name, Address and PPS Number for each employee (full-time and part-time)
    • Terms of Employment for each employee
    • Payroll details – i.e. Gross to Net, Rate per hour, Overtime, Deductions, Shift and other Premiums and Allowances, Commissions and Bonuses, Service Charges, etc.
    • Copies of Payslips
    • Employees’ Job Classifications
    • Dates of commencement and, where relevant, termination of employment
    • Hours of Work for each employee (including starting and finishing times, meal breaks and rest periods).
    • Register of employees under 18 years of age
    • Holiday and Public Holiday entitlements received by each employee

    Some of these records will be contained in the staff contracts/statements of terms and conditions; company policies and procedures; payroll reports. As long as you have a copy of these on file, you will be compliant.

    Learner Fund Bursary

    The Department of Children & Youth Affairs (DCYA) has re-opened the Learner Fund Bursary to Early Years practitioners who are new graduates of a recognised Early Childhood Education and Care degree programme. The local City/County Childcare Committees (CCC) will process and appraise Learner Fund Bursary applications.

    28th September all forms completed and returned by POST OR BY HAND to Wicklow CCC.


    AIM Level 1 – Inclusion Co-ordinator (LINC) – 2018/2019 Increased ECCE Capitation – Application Process Open

    The application process for the increased ECCE capitation for LINC during the 2018/2019 pre-school year is now open.  Applications must be made electronically via the PIP. Please see PIP for further details.



    Please see below upcoming training events:

    • Preparation for Dept. Of Education Inspections – 26th September, Laragh
    • Speech & Language Development – 9th October, Glenview Hotel
    • Siolta & Aistear Foundations – 16th October, Glenview Hotel – FULLY BOOKED
    • Children First – Child Protection –  1st Nov Blessington
    • Childcare Professionals Day 24th November  – Why Inclusion?

    Childcare Professionals Day

    We are delighted that as well as Colette Murray  agreeing to be the keynote speaker at our Childcare Professionals Day, Ann Halligan who has extensive experience working the in the area of inclusion will be facilitating workshops on using persona dolls.  Ann currently owns and manages her own Preschool Curious Minds in Castlebar, Co Mayo. Ann has been implementing an Anti- Bias Approach with children and families as part of her practice since 2001 and Ann specializes in Persona Doll Training.  Other workshops are being planned and more details to follow in the coming weeks.

    For details  booking forms please see our website https://bit.ly/2kwRStO


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