Childcare Professionals Conference – Why Inclusion?


Colette Murray will give an overall presentation outlining the importance of inclusion and why it is a vital part of the early years setting. Colette will talk about the diversity that exists within the present day early years classroom and address areas such as culture, ability, socio economic background and family dynamics.

Joanne McHale will give a presentation on attitudes, values and beliefs pertaining to gender perceptions especially from parents. She will also talk about  possible ways in which early years practitioners can challenging biases with parents around the idea of gender roles and assumptions regarding their own children. Joanne will also include strategies for dealing with parents reactions to gender expression displayed within the preschool setting.


Afternoon sessions – Interactive workshops with examples of practical ways to include all children

Workshop A-Persona Dolls with Ann Halligan

Persona Dolls offer an effective, stimulating, non-threatening and enjoyable way to combat discrimination, foster emotional literacy, raise equality issues and empower children. The Persona Dolls and their stories develop children’s ability to empathise and become comfortable with difference and share experiences. The approach also helps children to appreciate that treating people unfairly by name calling, teasing and exclusion causes pain and unhappiness. It also shows that there are other ways to approach difficulties rather than through hitting, kicking and other physical responses. The Dolls also show children how to stand up when they experience or witness unfairness and prejudice. A tall order but if the Dolls are embedded in an anti-bias and culturally/background appropriate curriculum children are well able to meet the challenge.

Workshop B– Creating an Inclusive Environment with Mag Coogan

Margaret Coogan has been working in ECCE for over 20 years as an educator, manager/owner and trainer. She promotes the role of pedagogues to recognise and support the individuality of each child and to identify ways environments can promote equality, diversity and inclusion for all. She will talk about her passion for special needs and the difficulties in providing an inclusive service. She will also give participants  practical strategies, hints, tips and ideas for creating a meaningful inclusive environment within the early years setting.

Venue: Glenview Hotel, 24th November

Time: 9.30 – 3.30 pm

Cost: €25 (discounts for multiple staff from same service – €15 for the 2nd person, €10 per each additional staff member)

N.B. To book a place on this event please complete our online booking form and we will send you a link to purchase your tickets on Eventbrite.  If you wish to purchase multiple tickets for your service please specify on your booking form all the names of the staff so we can send you a discount code by email for your service.  Please also specify on the booking form meal preference for each staff member attending.


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