Children with Additional Needs & Disabilities

Children with Additional Educational Needsa Booklet for Parents

One of the many functions of the National Council for Special Education (NCSE) is to provide information to parents/guardians of children with special educational needs.

This is the first edition of an information booklet for parents/guardians and is intended to help parents/guardians understand more about their child’s special educational needs, how these needs are assessed and the supports that are available to their child in school.  The NCSE intends to build on this booklet by publishing information pamphlets in relation to specific special educational needs in the future.

The NCSE places great importance on the delivery of a local service to schools and parents/guardians through our network of Special Educational Needs Organisers (SENOs) throughout the country.

This Directory of services below produced by Longford and Westmeath Childcare Committees highlights many topics including early childhood development and immunisations, disability types, information on disability allowances, educational information and much more.


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