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    Autism Friendly Sensory Story Time at Leixlip Library

    Saturday 15th September 10am – 11am

    Saturday 13th October 10am – 11am

    Join Sharon Curran (MSEN, BA Mont Ed, Dip Hort) at Leixlip Library for a fun, interactive, sensory story time, tailored specially to meet the needs of children with ASD, and incorporating assistive technology and toys from the library’s TTT collection.

    There will also be a quiet, welcoming, ASD-friendly opportunity to use the library, while closed to the general public, for borrowing etc.

    Nutrition for Children with Special Needs with Rina Whyte, Nutritional Therapist

     Athy Library: Tuesday 25th September 7pm

    Naas Library: Thursday 11th October 7pm

    A presentation of researched based nutritional information for parents, guardians and carers of children with specific needs. This seminar looks at food as more than ‘fuel’ and the benefits of nutrition on attention span, concentration, emotional response and mood. The seminar will look at foods and nutrients that are particularly beneficial and those that may not be.


    Autism Spectrum Disorder – Audrey Cully, Behavioural Therapist

    Kildare Town Library: Thursday 27th September 7pm

    Naas Library: Tuesday 16th October 7pm

    As the prevalence of ASD has risen over time we will explore what it is, what its characteristics are and how it presents itself differently in individuals. Some parents notice differences from a very young age but for some it’s a bit later. If you’re unsure whether your own child or a child you work with has Autism, or if you just want to increase your knowledge on the condition, this talk will be beneficial. Included also, will be a guide as to what steps can be taken to access a formal assessment.

    Early Communication – Catherine Sheahan, Speech and Language Therapist

    Leixlip Library: Thursday 13th September 7pm

    This talk will go through importance of play and social interaction skills in early childhood development to develop a child’s communication skills. Early communication milestones and stages will be introduced with lots of practical ideas to develop early communication, first words and phrases.

    Sensory Processing and your child – Sunflower Clinic, Occupational Therapists

    Naas Library:Tuesday 25th September 7pm

    Newbridge Library: Tuesday 27th November 7pm

    This talk deals with the concept of Sensory Processing and how important it is in a child’s normal development. Sensory Processing Disorder is a recognised condition which can have a very profound effect on a child’s ability to deal and manage a wide variety of sensory input which can result in quite significant changes in a child’s ability to learn and also their overall behaviour in school and in the home.

    Study Skills for older children and teenagers with Dyslexia – Dr. Dorothy Armstrong, Occupational Therapist

    Athy Library: Tuesday 18th September 7pm

    Dr Dorothy Armstrong will host an evening that is aimed at parents, students with Dyslexia, teachers and those who work with this population. This talk will help students learn how to prepare for exams. She will discuss the impact of dyslexia on learning and studying. Dr Armstrong will help the student best prepare for study, use a variety of learning styles and read strategically. She will also discuss methods of note taking, memory strategies and some of the assistive technology that can be helpful.


    Workshops for teenagers at Newbridge Library – Dr. Dorothy Armstrong, Occupational Therapist

    Dr Dorothy Armstrong will be facilitating a series of workshops for teenagers in secondary school with conditions such as high functioning autism (Asperger’s Syndrome), Developmental Coordination Disorder (Dyspraxia) or ADHD. Places are limited to eight teenagers and it would be beneficial if their parents attended with them to allow for good follow through of the techniques taught. If possible the participants should attend all three workshops:

    • Workshop One: Stress Management, Saturday 22nd September 10am – 12.30pm
    • Workshop Two: Assertiveness Training, Saturday 29th September 10am – 12.30pm
    • Workshop Three: Communication Skills, Saturday 6th October 10am – 12.30pm

    The workshops will be very interactive and participants (and their parents) should bring a drink and snack for the break. Places are limited so early booking is essential. Dr Armstrong will email a short questionnaire to each parent in order to have some information about their child prior to the workshop. This will help in the planning of workshops.


    Oppositional Defiant Disorder – Dr. Dorothy Armstrong, Occupational Therapist

    Newbridge Library: Tuesday 25th September 7pm

    Young people with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) face many challenges and can have a great need to control their world. They can be misunderstood and misrepresented and the standard behavioural approaches often don’t work with them. The ‘Collaborative Problem Solving’ approach provides a different lens for understanding these children. This approach is aimed at facilitating the child to develop the skills they are missing in order to facilitate them to behave in ways that will work better for them and others. Dr Dorothy Armstrong will provide an introduction to ‘Collaborative Problem Solving’ and will signpost the resources available for those who are interested in applying what is a very compassionate approach to ODD.


    Assistive Technology and Dyslexia – Amy Smyth, Information Officer from Dyslexia Association of Ireland

    Leixlip Library: Thursday 27th September 7pm

    This talk will give an introduction to assistive technology for people with dyslexia. In this talk we will cover the types of assistive technology that can be put on laptops and tablets as well as hardware that can be used to help people with dyslexia with issues around literacy, reading and writing speed and grammar issues.


    Parenting Talks for September

    Healthy Food Made Easy for Parents

    Presented by The Health Promotion Unit

    Celbridge Library: 14th September 10am- 12:30 pm

    This free 6 week course is aimed at supporting people who are interested in healthier eating, at a reasonable cost, for their families. It aims to improve attendees nutritional knowledge and help them put it into practice in everyday life. The course is practical but fun and everyone can participate. There will be 6 sessions including cooking and tasting and a visit from the local community Dietitian to answer any questions you might have. Pick up some tips and ideas to make your families lunchtimes and dinners more healthy, tasty and varied. All utensils, food etc provided.

    Dads and their young people

    Presented by Foroige

    Athy Library: Thursday 20th September 7-9pm

    Celbridge Library: Thursday 11th October 7-9pm

    In this 2 hour workshop, Padraig focuses on the role of dads in parenting their young people. It will consider the importance of dads participating in all aspects of home-life and how this influences their young people. Dads will also gain an insight into the value and positive impact of spending one-one time with their young people on a regular basis.


    Managing Anxiety, Anger and Panic Attacks in Teens and Adults

    Presented by Michael Ryan

    Maynooth Library: Tuesday 18th September 7pm

    Practical advice, tips and strategies for dealing with anger, anxiety and stress in today’s fast-paced and ever changing world


    Helping support your child’s attention and concentration

    Presented by HSE Primary Care Clinical Psychology Service

    Kildare Library: Wednesday 19th September 10.30am

    Many children struggle to concentrate and attend to tasks and demands; in school, pre-school, or at home. These difficulties staying focused can be related to lots of different factors and it can be hard as parents to feel confident to know what’s going on and how they can best help. This talk is aimed at helping parents to firstly begin to understand what might be underlying their own child’s difficulties with concentration and sustaining their attention on certain tasks and activities. It will also suggest multiple strategies that they can use to help their child to manage these challenges. The talk will also give some information on local services and community supports should parents need access to these for their child.



    Family Finance Advice with MABS

    Presented by MABS

    Kildare Library: Thursday 20th September 7 pm

    These talks will give an overview of the service provided by the Money Advice and Budgeting Service and for a family group would look a basic budget showing how to budget for weekly monthly yearly bills and offer some advice tips around the area of debt management



    Managing Anxiety, Anger and Panic Attacks in Children

    Presented by Michael Ryan

    Celbridge Library: Thursday 20th September 7pm

    Practical advice and strategies on how to help children who experience panic attacks or who have challenges with anger and anxiety.


    Finding Balance: Self Care Workshop for Parents

    Presented by Sarah Murphy

    Naas Library: 27th September 7pm- 8.30pm

    Parenting is a demanding job which often leaves parents burnt out, guilt ridden or feeling like a failure. Discover how placing importance on your own needs leads to benefits in all areas of your life. Join life coach Sarah Murphy for this important workshop which introduces you to effective self-care practices which nourish the mind, body and soul, increase emotional wellbeing, alleviate anxiety and lead to more satisfying personal relationships. Learn how to implement self-care practices and follow through by designing your own self-care plan. This workshop features meditation, journaling, experiential exercises and more.

    Attendance at all of the events is free of charge and open to everyone but advance booking is required. Please contact the library where the talk is happening to book your place.


    Athy Library : Tel 059 8631144 / 045 980555 Email athylib@kildarecoco.ie


    Celbridge Library : Tel 01 6272207 Email: celbridgelib@kildarecoco.ie


    Kildare Town Library: Tel 045 530235 Email: kildarelib@kildarecoco.ie


    Leixlip Library: Tel: 01 6060050 Email: leixliplib@kildarecoco.ie


    Maynooth Library : Tel 01 6285530 Email: maynoothlib@kildarecoco.ie


    Newbridge Library: Tel 045 448353 Email: newbridgelib@kildarecoco.ie


    Naas Library: Tel 045 879111 Email: naaslib@kildarecoco.ie

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