Preparing your Paperwork

Many childminders start off in a very informal way, with no written documents at all.  However, many also regret doing this, as it can lead to misunderstandings, disagreements, and a breakdown in the childminding arrangement.  And all because nothing was put down clearly in writing from the beginning!

You need to have all your documentation ready for use with the families you work with.   Below are templates for some of the most important ones we recommend:

Child Record Form  This is vital so that you can find out about any allergies the child may have, who is allowed to pick the child up, who their GP is etc.  You can customise the template by adding more personal questions about favourite foods or toys.

Childminding Working Agreement  This is a great tool for discussing every aspect of your arrangement, from rates, to holiday pay, to what the parent provides, and basic medical consent for emergencies.  Again it is up to you to adapt it for your service.

Medication Admin Form It is very important that you only give medication with the parents’ written consent, otherwise your insurance will not cover you in case of mishap. In the consent section, the parent fills in all the details about the medicine, and on the schedule side, you keep a record of when and how much you gave to the child. Both parties need to sign off on the consent and the schedule. That way the child gets the medication he needs, and everyone is covered. In case of emergency, an email will do,

Accident book  If any accident or incident occurs which requires first aid, you should record what happened and what you did in response. Then, the parent should sign off to show that they are satisfied with what has been done.  This is important for your insurance legally.

Policies and Procedures   It is also good for you to think through how you want to run your service. How often will you clean your toys and playroom?  How will you deal with emergencies? How would you describe your approach to managing children’s behavior?   When you describe how you run your service, parents know what to expect.







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