Notification as a Childminder

If you are minding more than 3 preschoolers at any one time, then you are legally obliged to make a Statutory Notification to the Preschool Officer under the Childcare regulations, like any other preschool service.   For further information, go to Statutory Notification.

Wicklow County Childcare runs a Voluntary Notification scheme for childminders who are exempt from the Childcare Regulations. The scheme was set up under the National Guidelines for Childminders 2008 which applies for all childminders in Ireland.

Under the Childcare Act 1991, you are exempt* and do NOT have to notify TUSLA if you:

• mind three or fewer unrelated pre-school children at any time; or
• mind school age children.

Wicklow CCC offers Voluntary Notification support to Childminders to complete the process which considers the four nationally recognised core areas where certain requirements should be met by Childminders:

(i) Suitability of the person

The Childminder must be a person aged 18 or over who is genuinely interested in caring for children and is of a suitable character to do so.

(ii)Wellbeing of the Child

The Childminder must have a commitment to providing quality childcare which ensures that the wellbeing and development of the child is paramount.

(iii)Physical Environment

The Childminder’s home should provide a secure and happy environment in which the health, safety and welfare of the child is assured and in which the developmental needs of the child are met.

(iv)Health & Safety

The Childminder must provide evidence that adequate health and safety procedures are in place.


The scheme allows exempt childminders to access a range of supports, information and training.  It also gives childminders the opportunity to be recognised for the valuable service they provide.

To make a Voluntary Notification in County Wicklow, simply fill in the Voluntary Notification form (see below) and return it to the WCCC office.  Your service can be added to the public list, and our website if you request it.  On completion of the process, you will receive your Voluntary Notification certificate.

After that, you need to renew your Voluntary Notification annually in order to remain on the listing; you can download a renewal form below.

Apart from public recognition, all voluntary notified childminders may:

  •  Be placed on the public listing for parents (on request)
  •  Claim the €15,000 Childminders’ tax relief
  • Apply for the €1,000 Childminders’ Development Grant (when available)
  •  Join a local Childminding Network

Guidelines on Planning a Childminding Business in your home

A Guide to becoming a Childminder

Childminding Voluntary Notification Application Form

Voluntary Notification Checklist

Childminding Voluntary Notification Annual Renewal Application Form

Voluntary Notification Renewal disclaimer document

Voluntary Notification Renewal Checklist

Safety Statement

Fire Evacuation Plan

Childminding Sample Policies and Procedures

Childminding Sample Record Keeping Forms


* Exemptions

Part 7 of the Child Care (Amendment) Act 2007

58.—(1) Regulations under section 50 and sections 51 to 57 shall not apply to—

(a) the care of one or more children undertaken by a relative of the child or children or the spouse of such relative, or
(b) a person taking care of one or more children of the same family and no other children (other than that person’s own children) in that person’s home.
(2) Sections 51 to 57 shall not apply to a person taking care of not more than 5 children, of whom not more than 3 may be pre-school children, of different families (but excluding that person’s own children) in that person’s home
(3) In this section, ‘child’ means a person who has not attained the age of 18 years


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