Childminding Development Grants

Who is eligible to apply for the Childminding Development Grant?

Childminders, grandparents, relatives etc. who provide a childminding service in their own (childminder’s) home, or those planning to set up a new childminding service. The grant is not available to childminders caring for children in the parent’s home.

What do I have to do to be eligible to apply for the grant?

  • You should be minding or intend minding a minimum of 2 children. At least 1 child on a full time basis(f) and 1 child on a part time basis or at least 3 children on a part time basis(p). You can apply for the grant in preparation for minding new children but the grant cheque can only be paid when you have started your childminding business.
  • You should not have received a CMDG within the last 2 years (from date of last draw down)

What do I have to do to be eligible to draw down the grant post approval?

Priority will be given to those applicants who:

  • Are voluntary notified to the County Childcare Committee or notified to TUSLA, whichever is appropriate, or willing to notify as appropriate.
  • Meet eligibility criteria but who have never received a grant previously.
  • Will increase the number of childcare places particularly in areas of high unmet childcare demand.
  • Care for the greatest number of children.
  • Operate a full-time service.
  • Regular attendance at training or networking events.

What is voluntary notification?

Childminders can voluntary notify their childminding service by completing a self-evaluation form and fulfilling the requirements of 4 nationally recognised core areas which look at the attributes, knowledge and skills of the childminder: suitability of the person, wellbeing of the child, physical environment and health & safety.

What is Registration with TUSLA (Child & Family Agency)?

If you are caring for 4 or more preschool children at any one time you must register your childminding service to TUSLA, contact the Early Years Inspector on 01 282 2122.

How much money can be applied for?

Childminders may apply for 90% of the cost of items that are approved for funding up to a maximum of €1,000. e.g. if items cost €1,111 you may receive a grant of €1,000; If items cost €555 you may receive a grant of €500.  The CCC suggests that no more than 33% of the grant should be spent on consumable items e.g. paint, play sand, art & craft materials etc. The grant is paid to the childminder retrospectively for receipted items purchased i.e. when the application is approved, items can then be purchased and the receipts for the purchased items are to be sent to Meath CCC for reimbursement.

Childminders may re-apply after 2 years, or after a shorter period if their first childminding development grant was for less than the maximum amount.

What can I spend the money on?

The grant can be used for the purchase of small capital items such as items to enhance safety/quality in the service; equipment; toys or minor adaptation costs to improve the quality of service provided. The final decision on eligible capital items will be at the discretion of Meath County Childcare Committee. The following list (which is not exhaustive) gives examples of the different types of costs that are eligible and not eligible for the grant (please consult with your local Childcare Committee if you have queries in relation to eligibility).

Eligible Equipment

Safety items – fire blanket, fire extinguisher, smoke alarm, socket covers, cupboard locks, first aid kit, stair gate, fireguard, car seat etc.

Childcare equipment – changing table / mat, sterilizer, double/single buggy, high chair, cot, sturdy child sized table & chairs, booster seat, step up stools, potty, bedding, car seat, foot operated bin, storage etc.

Indoor/outdoor play equipment – swing, slide, climbing frame, sand box & water tray, ride on toys, building blocks, art & craft supplies, books, appropriate toys for various age groups, etc.

Minor adaptations – fencing, gates, painting, flooring, developing a changing area/ outdoor play space etc.

Please Note:

Ensure that all equipment purchased complies with The EU Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC to ensure that equipment meets safety requirements.

Ensure that, for minor adaptions, that the person is a registered contractor.

What is not acceptable eligible equipment?

Trampolines, subscriptions, consumables, walkers, travel cot, electronic equipment including: games/consoles, IT equipment, batteries.

What is not acceptable eligible expenditure?

Delivery cost of items, second hand items, bags (packing at the shop), installation/worker labour costs, items that would be considered for home use rather than childcare use.

Please note:

When purchasing items in another currency you are required to attach a proof of conversion rate.

Ensure that you only submit receipts of purchases after the grant approval date and for items that have been approved.

What is the closing date?

Applications close 16th July 2021

Childminder Development Grant Application Form

Completed application forms should be e-mailed to Meath County Childcare Committee at by close of business 16th July 2021.

No applications will be accepted after 16th July 2021


(f) A place should be counted as full-day care/full-time if it is (a) available continuously for more than 5 hours per day, and (b) is in a facility that is notified to TUSLA as providing full day care.  Full day places can only be available to pre-school aged children.

(p) A place should be counted as part-time if it is available for more than 3.5 hours and up to (and including) 5 hours continuously.


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