Better Start Quality Development Service

The Better Start Quality Development Service

Better Start LogoThe Better Start Quality Development Service is an additional resource to support and drive quality improvement. It provides a highly skilled and experienced Early Years Specialist team to work directly in a mentoring capacity with Early Years services, complementing and adding to other quality resources such as training, CPD programmes, networking, cluster type support groups and individual or team based development work.

The Quality Development Service will operate on a national, rather than regional or county basis. Requests for the service can be made through your local CCC and will be processed centrally. Early Years Specialists will be allocated to ECEC services on the basis of availability, skills and experience, as far as possible matching the service profile. You can learn more about the  Better Start Quality Development Service by clicking here.

Please see below 10 steps for the engagement process with the Better Start quality service

Ten Steps to Completing QRF with CCC

Service Criteria and Priorities for the Better Start Quality Development Service

Click here to read the latest criteria for engaging the Better Start Quality Development Service.

Services must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Full daycare services (birth – 6 years) catering for a minimum of 40 children on a full daycare basis
  2. Services catering for 20 full and/or part-time children with at least 40 children overall
  3. Group or chain providers with services under the same ownership
  4. Sessional services for children with at least 40 children in total

If your service meets the criteria above and would like to engage the Quality Development Service in your setting, please read this document to learn more about what is involved and contact WCCC to express your interest.

Priority Request

We also retain flexibility to respond to requests from services for support in exceptional circumstances. Priority requests could include one or a combination of the following circumstances:
  • Inspection issues or Inspection issues relevant to quality development

  • Access to quality support has been very limited

  • A combination of factors such as location of service, high levels of disadvantage, rural isolation or the needs/profile of children

  • Significant staff turnover

There may be additional reasons that you or your local City or County Childcare Committee (CCC) would like to put forward to make a case for your service to be given special consideration for the allocation of support of an Early Years Specialist. These will be considered on a case by case basis.

Please see our Steps to Quality Development Infographic



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