CCS Plus FAQ’s

What is CCS Plus?

CCS Plus (CCSP) is an expansion of CCS to allow Community/Not for Profit Childcare Providers to make child registrations, for those attending the service, and are eligible under the programme from 2nd January, 2017 onwards.

CCS Private will now come under CCSP.


Who can apply for a CCS Plus contract?

  • Current CCS services
  • New Community/Not for Profit Childcare providers, if they do not already have a CCS contract.
  • Private Providers who do not already have a CCS Private contract


How do I apply?

Only new community/not for profit childcare providers who do not currently have a CCS contract and new private childcare providers will need to apply through their local City/County Childcare Committee for a CCS Plus contract.


I already have a CCS Private contract, do I need to apply for a new CCS Plus contract?

No, Private childcare providers currently on a CCS Private contract are unaffected and do not need to reapply for a CCS Plus contract.


I have an existing CCS contract and do not wish to enter CCS Plus, what happens to my CCS contract?

For existing Community Providers who do not wish to enter into a CCS Plus contract, the existing terms and conditions of the CCS contract remain the same.


I have an existing CCS contract and wish to enter CCS Plus, what do I do?

  • PAU logs onto the portal and navigates to the Programme tab.
  • Click on the activate link on the CCSP contract
  • Tick the relevant boxes
  • Submit
  • Pobal will activate the contract on the same day. Once the contract has been activated, the service can register children.

Please notethe CCS Plus contract cannot be activated until the programme goes live.   This date will be announced on the PIP Portal.


What are the eligibility requirements?

  • Band eligibility requirements are the same as CCS and CCS Private
  • The parent/child’s CCS eligibility must be valid at the time of the child’s registration Eligibility documents must be dated within 1 month prior to but not expiring before the  child’s start week on the registration This includes Medical Cards and GP visit cards which must be valid during child’s registration start week.
  • A child under CCS Plus must not be registered under any other programme at the same time

Registrations made under the CCS Plus Contract fall under its terms and are aligned also to the terms and conditions currently set out in the Childcare Funding Programmes Information and FAQs for CCS Private registrations.   These will be amended to CCS Plus in due course.


What are the differences between CCS and CCS Plus for a Community Provider?



1.   Registrations funded under CCS can be made for the snap shot window only

2.      Parent and child eligibility must be valid during the eligibility period

3.      Medical and GP visit cards must be valid during eligibility period

4.      When a child is absent for 4 weeks a leaver must be entered on PIP, and funding can be retained.

5.      Child absence notice period is 4 weeks.

6.      In 50/51 week services, children registered under CCS get paid for 52 weeks

7.      Funding can be retained for leavers

8.      Eligible ECCE children cannot be registered for CCS during Easter and Summer holidays


1.      Registrations can be entered any time from 2nd January, 2017.

2.      Where a child’s level of service/eligibility has increased e.g. from 3 days – 5 days/ Band B – Band A, the child can be re-registered with new entitlements. This applies also if a parent’s eligibility increases /decreases from first CCSP registration.

3.      Parent/child eligibility must be valid within 1 month prior to but not expiring before the child’s registration start week and be attached to the registration.

4.      Medical and GP visit cards must be valid at child’s registration start week

5.      When a child leaves the absence notice period is 2 weeks and then the funding will automatically be released.

6.      In 50/51 week services, child registrations under CCSP will only get paid for the weeks the service is open.

7.      Funding is automatically released for CCSP leavers

8.      Eligible ECCE children can be registered for CCSP during Easter and Summer holidays



 Can a service be in CCS and CCS Plus at the same time?

Yes, children registered under CCS will remain under the CCS contract.  Children registered under CCSP will have the terms of the CCSP contract applied.  A child cannot be registered in two programmes at the same time.  Please note: A service may not have double funded childcare places between CCS and CCSP registrations.


If my service opts into CCS Plus, will I still be able to retain the funding for leavers under CCS?

  • If a CCS leaver is replaced by a ‘CCS not funded’ child on PIP and nothing changes to that registration then the funding can be retained.
  • If a CCS leaver is replaced by a ‘CCS not funded’ child, and now that child will be registered under CCSP then the funding for the leaver child must be released.
  • If the service has a CCS leaver with retained funding, and no replacement child under CCS, and now wishes to register a new child under CCSP, the retained funding must first be released for the leaver child
  • If the service has multiple leavers with retained funding and now wants to register one new CCSP child, then the funding for one leaver must be released


The process for these scenarios will be included in the amended How to guide when CCS Plus goes live.

Can ECCE children join the CCS Plus programme for Easter and Summer Holidays?

Yes, Children who are registered on the ECCE programme can now apply for the CCS Plus programme, for the school holidays i.e. Easter and Summer holidays.  Children may only be registered on the CCS Plus programme where there is no ECCE Registration applicable for the same timeframe.  Eligibility requirements apply.


What steps need to be taken in PIP in order to register ECCE Children in CCSP for holidays?

Complete a PIP ECCE leaver form.  Register the child on CCSP with the start date as a Monday and attaching proof of CCS Plus eligibility.  When the holidays are finished, submit a Leaver entry on PIP for the child in CCSP and re- register the child on ECCE using the original PIP registration ID from the original registration.

Example 1: ECCE child availing of CCSP for Easter

  1. Service registers child onto ECCE 29/08/2016 – 30/06/2017
  1. Child to avail of CCSP for Easter
  1. Service must enter leaver on the ECCE registration
  1. Register child onto CCSP for Easter for 2 weeks 10/04/2017 – 21/04/2017
  1. Re-register child onto ECCE from 24/04/2017

Example 2: Child availing of ECCE 2016/2017 now attending Summer Camp

  1. Child registered on ECCE 29/08/2016 – 30/06/2017
  1. Child to avail of CCSP Summer Camp commencing 03/07/2017
  1. Register child onto CCSP for Summer Camp 03/07/2017 – 18/08/2017


If I am an existing CCS service and am entering into CCSP, do I have to complete a separate Fees List for CCSP?

No, the fees charged under CCSP must match those that are charged under CCS. You will have already submitted your CCS Fees List for 2016/2017 so you are not required to submit these under CCSP.


If I am an existing CCS service and am entering into CCSP, do I have to complete a separate Service Calendar for CCSP?

No, the same service calendar will apply to both your CCS and CCSP registrations. You will not be required to submit a service calendar for CCSP as the non-payment weeks from your CCS calendar will be automatically applied to your CCSP registrations.


What happens if I need to change either my CCS Fees List or Service Calendars?

If you must change your Fees List or Service Calendar information at any point during the year, then these changes must be submitted through the CCS Fees List and Service Calendar links under the Programmes Tab on your PIP Portal. Click here for the How to Guide on CCS Fees and Service Calendars.


If I now have a contract under CCS and CCSP, how will I receive payment?

Based on your registrations, you will receive two fortnightly payments into your bank account, one for the CCS registrations in your service and the other for the registrations under CCSP.


How will I know which payment is for CCS and which payment is for CCSP?

Please navigate to the Funding tab on the PIP Portal where a details of the payments made under the respective programmes can be found under Actual Payments.




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