• CCSP Finance & Impact returns (FIRs) for August 2020 returns are available for completion on Pobal Online

    Posted on September 8, 2020 by in News Updates
    Dear Service Provider
    There is a slight amendment to the form from this period onwards, as we have included headings for NCS, AIM level 7 and sponsorship funding.  ECCE is amended to include LINC funding, and CETs has changed to TEC (CETS, CEC & ASCC)
    These updates were requested prior to the current Covid pandemic, therefore please include any funding awarded under Covid capital and reopening  contracts under ‘Early Years Capital’, and funding awarded by the DCYA under the wage subsidy scheme under ‘Other Funding.  Expenditure recorded under Covid reopening and Covid capital should be recorded under Capital Maintenance.
    As advised previously the DCYA would like to emphasise the importance for all community services to continue to complete and submit FIRs to Pobal. These returns provide essential information that allows DCYA and Pobal to identify and help services to resolve problems. They also act as an informative tool for services in the effective planning of their financial future and highlight the real  effect of closure due to Covid 19 on community services .
    FIRs are also a key component of the assessment process for accessing sustainability funding. Services which continue to keep up to date FIRs and encounter a sustainability issue will therefore experience an expedited funding request process, as Pobal’s Case Management team will be better equipped to assess the service’s request for funding.”  
    The deadline for submission of August 2020  FIRS will be 2ndOctober 2020.
    If you require any assistance in completing the return please contact your support officer
    Early Years Team
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