• WCCC Weekly Update – 4th August

    Posted on August 4, 2017 by in News Updates


    22 August, 2017 – Contracts activated

    All services must be in contract for each of the programmes they wish to offer by this date. As the DCYA must also activate the contract, make sure your contracts are activated well in advance. This deadline can be found in the appendix of each contract.

    25 August, 2017 – Calendars submitted

    All service calendars must be submitted by this date. This deadline can be found in the appendix of each contract.

    30 September, 2017 – Fees lists submitted

    All fees lists must be submitted by this date. This deadline can be found in the appendix of each contract.

    Increase/Decrease in Numbers 2017/2018

    If you have are aware of a significant increase/decrease in numbers for ECCE for the coming year and you want your first payment to reflect that, please contact us with the information by 11th August.  Otherwise you will be paid based on last years numbers until you have either registered your children or informed us of a change.


    Please see attached booklet which outlines the changes in subvention for 2017/2018.  We would draw your attention in particular to pages 6, 7 and 8 which outlines the eligibility criteria and subvention rates.    If you need copies of this booklet or clarification on any details please contact us.  Booklet

     School Age Childcare Capital Funding

    This week, Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Dr Katherine Zappone announced that government funding of €4m is being provided to increase the number of School Age Childcare (SAC) places in 2017. Strands A and B of this funding were announced this week, and Strand C will be announced in the coming weeks. Minister Zappone’s statement and the full list of successful applicants under Strands A and B can be found here.

    ECCE 2016/2017 Programme Closure

    The 2016/2017 ECCE Programme which officially ran from the 28th of August 2016 to the 30th of June 2017 will close at 6pm on Friday 11th August 2017. Please ensure that all ECCE 2016/2017 registrations are submitted before this date. A notice is available on PIP.

    Optional Extras Guide

    The DCYA has issued a guide to Childcare Funding Programme Optional Extras, which will help you in completing your fees lists. You can access the guide here.

    Updated programme rules

    The programmes rules document has been completely revised. This document clearly sets out the rules for each of the current DCYA funding programmes. CCCs have been working really hard with the DCYA and Pobal to make sure that it is both comprehensive but also easy to understand. The document will be updated, and the date of update will always be on the front page. You can find a copy of the new rules here.

    The importance of the internet browser you use with PIP

    Pobal would like to remind you to only use Internet Explorer when using PIP.

    This is because PIP is based on a Microsoft product and is compatible with Internet Explorer. There have been some issues with the way in which PIP documents print when other browsers are used.

    New security measures when contacting Pobal’s on-line support

    From 1 August anyone contacting Pobal by telephone or email will have to provide some basic details so that Pobal can ensure that they are talking to an authorised PIP user.

    From 1 August when you ring Pobal online support you will be asked for:

    1. DCYA reference number
    2. PIP user name
    3. PIP user email address

    Please have that information to hand if you phone them, otherwise they will not progress your call.

    If you are contacting online support by email, it must come from an authorised PIP user or PAU email address. If it doesn’t, your query will not be progressed. An announcement about these changes went up on PIP on Monday.

    Please see below e mail we have received from a PhD student in Blanchardstown I.T. which may be of interest.

    My name is Joanne McHale. I am conducting my doctoral research on gender in the early childhood workforce in Ireland and I am currently recruiting participants to take part in interviews. If you are a male early childhood educator or manager and would be willing to be contacted in relation to my research, please email joanne.mchale@itb.ie for further information. Thank you.



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