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    27th November 2018 – an approved childcare registration must be visible on PIP in relation to each child in receipt of AIM Level 7 support.

    30th November 2018 – Expenditure Reporting on EYC and SAC 18.

    7th December 2018 – next AIM level 7 payment.

    31st December 2018 – The CCS band appeals window is now open until 31/12/2018.



    AIM Level 7 Payment

    The next AIM Level 7 payment is due on the 7th December 2018. This payment will represent a further 12.5% of the AIM Level 7 contract value and will bring cumulative payments to 50% of the contract value.

    Please note in order for a payment to be made, there must be an approved childcare registration on PIP by close of business Tuesday 27th November in relation to each child in receipt of AIM Level 7 support. The child’s registration must correlate to the level of support awarded i.e. no. of days/weeks.

    If you require any clarification on the above, please contact aimteam@pobal.ie


    First 5, A Whole-of-Government Strategy for Babies, Young Children and their Families 2019-2028

    The Government has unveiled ‘First 5’, Ireland’s first ever cross-Departmental strategy to support babies, young children and their families.   You can read it here:


    A shorter summary brochure can be found here: https://www.dcya.gov.ie/documents/earlyyears/19112018_5032_DCYA_EarlyYearsSummary_Booklet_A5_v7_Web.pdf


    Early Years and School Age Capital 2018 RESERVE LIST

    The Department of Children and Youth Affairs are pleased to announce that additional funds have been secured to fund a number of applications that were previously placed on the reserve list.

    Pobal has sent out notification emails to the services that were on the reserve list and that have been successful in securing funding.  Unfortunately if you have not received a notification email from Pobal at this time, it means that you will now not be funded under the Early Years and School Age Capital 2018 grant.

    If you have additional queries in relation to the reserve list please contact Pobal online support at, onlinesupport@pobal.ie


    Early Years Capital (EYC) and School Age Capital (SAC)  2018 – Reporting Announcement

    Please be advised, the closing date for submission of Expenditure Reporting on EYC and SAC 18 is the 30th of November 2018.

    Any Returns not submitted by that date WILL NOT receive the final 10% of the grant.

    Services that do not submit returns will be subject to funding being withdrawn and risk having to return the 90% of the grant that has already been paid.

    Please submit your Expenditure Reports by Return.  If you require any further assistance please contact onlinesupport@pobal.ie


    Safeguarding Statement

    Have you completed your safeguarding statement?

    Under the Children First Act 2015, all Early Years services are required to have a Child Safeguarding Statements in place. The deadline was 13th March 2018. If you are operating a new service, you are required to have this document in place within 3 months of opening.


    DCYA monthly Bulletin

    The Early Years Division of DCYA intends to publish a monthly electronic bulletin to all early years services in contract to deliver government childcare schemes. The e-Bulletin will update on operational matters relating to the administration of the Department’s schemes and initiatives.

    In the first instance this e-Bulletin will issue to the email supplied by the Primary Authorised User in each service. A facility will be available to unsubscribe from this service and for other interested staff members to subscribe should they wish to do so. To read DCYA’s full privacy notice, please click here If you have any queries please contact mailto:dcyaey_comms@dcya.gov.ie


    National Parents Council Survey

    The National Parents Council are carrying out a survey which they have asked us to help disseminate to parents.  We should be grateful if you could make your parents aware of the survey.  Please see documents below for details;

    Survey Letter

    Parents Survey

    Early Years Helpline Poster

    For more info see  http://www.npc.ie/early-years.




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