• WCCC weekly news update – 7th July

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    24 July, 2017 – Non-contact payment forms

    You must have completed your non-contact payment eform on PIP by this date. See below for details.

    22 August, 2017 – Contracts activated

    All services must be in contract for each of the programmes they wish to offer by this date. As the DCYA must also activate the contract, make sure your contracts are activated well in advance. This deadline can be found in the appendix of each contract.

    25 August, 2017 – Calendars submitted

    All service calendars must be submitted by this date. This deadline can be found in the appendix of each contract.

    30 September, 2017 – Fees lists submitted

    All fees lists must be submitted by this date. This deadline can be found in the appendix of each contract.

    Non-contact payment

    The non-contact payment eform is to be available on PIP.  It will be found in your PIP readiness section – which is on the ‘my service’ tab, where your red/green lights are found. The payments will be made weekly by Pobal. If you submit your form by 11am on a Tuesday, you will be paid by the end of that week. If you submit your form later than that, you will be paid the following week.

    Capital Funding

     We have been informed that there should be an announcement on Early Years Capital funding in the near future.   The School Age Capital funding announcement will be after this.

    Grant Agreements (Contracts) 2017/18

    Once you have recertified your PAU, Organisation and Service Details (and have 3 green lights) you can go into the ‘Programme’ Tab and activate your contracts.

    CCS Plus contracts

    Every provider should have automatic access to the new CCS Plus contracts that will allow you to offer the universal payments to parents. If it is not available on your service page please email pipdocuments@pobal.ie with your DCYA reference number and Pobal will upload the contract for you to activate.

    ECCE fees list and service calendars

    You are now able to complete and submit ECCE Fees Lists and Service Calendars on PIP.

    Please note that some changes have been introduced to the service calendars this year. Please refer to the How to Guide for more details:

    • Bank holidays have been auto populated
    • Where a service is closed for 3 days or more in one week or on a week that a bank holiday falls 3 days + bank holiday (4 days), this will automatically populate as a non payment week.
    • Services are required to open for a minimum number of weeks per term.  The recommended number of weeks per terms are :

    28 Aug – Dec 15 weeks
    Jan – March 11 weeks
    April – June 12 weeks.

    • The April – July term runs for an extra 2 weeks until 13 July 2018 for those services running ECCE for 41 weeks.

    Service calendar issue

    Services who are running in tandem with primary schools opening days have reported difficulty in recording 183 open days on the calendars.   From July 15th services will be able to make the week beginning 28 August a payable week. You will be able to “uncheck” non-payable for that week.

    A How to Guide  and How to Videos for Service Calendars and Fees Lists have been prepared and posted to the portal to assist you with this process.

    If you need any assistance, please contact us.

    Are you moving your service or changing your legal status?

    The DCYA have created the Change of Circumstances Form for use by Service Providers making changes to their Organisation. The form will be included in the 2017/2018 Contract Application Pack and must be completed by contract holders wishing to make changes to their Service’s details.

    When there is a change to legal structure, it is a requirement that a new application, along with the change of circumstances form, be submitted to prog_applications@dcya.gov.ie.

    Click HERE to view a short Video about the Change of Circumstances Form and HERE to view the Document.

    Pobal compliance visits

    Pobal will be continuing their unannounced compliance visits over the summer to those services who are open (they base this on your submitted calendars). Everything you need to provide is itemised on the checklist (copy attached). Although ECCE is now finished for the year, it is still part of your compliance, so don’t forget to have those records available too.

    Provision for under 3s survey

    The DCYA is reviewing the level of early years provision for children under three. A sub-group of the National Early Years Forum have been asked to gather the data. This information will then be used to guide recommendations for Budget 2018. The survey is short and anonymous.

    The link for the survey is:


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