• WCCC weekly news update – 25th August 2017

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    25 August, 2017 – Calendars submitted *URGENT TODAY*

    All service calendars must be submitted by this date. This deadline can be found in the appendix of each contract. However, as payments are based on your calendars, these should be completed before beginning the registration process




    Bear in mind that whilst a programme might be open for registrations, you cannot register children any earlier than 7 days before the child’s start date.


    Registration start/end dates

    Even though your service may start and end their programme year mid-week, PIP will only allow registrations to start on a Monday and end on a Friday. For example if you start back on Thursday 31 August and finish on Wednesday 27 June, you will have to register children as starting on Monday 28 August and finishing on Friday 29 June. This will not affect your payments as these are calculated from your calendars.


    Using registration ID numbers from 2016/17

    If you have children who are continuing their ECCE programme with you from last year, you cannot use their 2016/17 registration ID instead of their PPSN, the system won’t recognise it. You will have to get the parents to fill out the child’s PPSN details on the pre-registration forms which you will find on PIP.


    Fees lists and calendars

    These should now be submitted so that you can register children.  Thank you to those who have submitted their fee lists so promptly and we have sent an e mail to those services whose fee lists have been approved.   If you have submitted your fees list and have not received an e mail please check on PIP as your fee list may be still in draft form or queried and you will need to amend before we can look at them.   As long as you have submitted your fees list you can register children, even if we haven’t approved them.


    Higher Capitation

    The process for applying for the higher capitation is now open.


    Minimum enrolment exemptions

    The guidelines regarding minimum enrolments are in the appendix of your ECCE contract, point 9. We have attached the guide to this email. If you need an exemption, please contact your development worker who will send you a form. Don’t forget if you have more than one ECCE room, and one has less than 8 children, you need an exemption for the second room. Check the guidelines to see if this is relevant to you.


    LINC applications

    It is our understanding that applications for the additional capitation available for those who have undertaken the LINC course will be available towards the end of September/early October, with the payments beginning at the end of October.


    Wicklow County Childcare Committee Training

    Please see link below to our website which outlines the training we have planned so far for Autumn 2017/2018.  To book a place on any of the courses please contact judy@wccc.ie.


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