• Understanding Payments for the DCYA Funded Programmes

    Posted on February 5, 2020 by in News Updates
    Pobal would like to remind services that:
    (a) The PIP Portal provides a detailed view of contract values and detailed information on payments processed under the current DCYA Funded Programmes.
    (b) The Remittance Advice emailed for each payment gives details of the payment.
    (a) PIP Portal
    Financial information such as budgets and payments related to active programmes can be found under the ‘Funding’ section of your PIP portal. This financial information can be exported to excel to review. Payments can also be seen under relevant contracts in the ‘All Payments’ and a new ‘Contract and Payment Statement’ section.
    (b)  Remittance Advice
    In addition, the Remittance Advice emailed to service providers for each payment includes the amount remitted, the date, and the programme reference which indicates the programme to which the payment relates.
    Service Providers should view the ‘Understanding Payments for the DCYA Funded Programmes’ infographic and the additional online supports available (links below).
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