Enjoying Irish with Young Children

Broga Nua: Having Fun with Irish Rhymes”  Aistear Theme: Communicating and Identity & Belonging

This workshop is aimed at assisting childcare providers to introduce the Irish Language with the use of simple action rhymes and songs.  Workshop participants will be encouraged to join in simple games, action rhymes, and sing songs in Irish, e.g. Ring-a-Ring-a-Rósaí, Aon Dó, Muc is Bó etc.  Some elements of the HighScope Education Through Movement Programme will be introduced and discussions around the background to the research on early bilingualism as well as provide simple tips and practical samples during the workshop.

Babies, toddlers and young children revel in rhyme, rhythm, repetition and the many new exciting sounds of the Irish language. This interactive, bilingual workshop focuses on the introduction of Irish in a fun and playful way. Rhymes, music, and movement have traditionally been essential tools in acquiring languages. Research shows that exposure to a second language in the early years has many intellectual, emotional, and social benefits associated with it.

Research tells us that learning a second language from birth to 7 years is child’s play.  Children instinctively love rhymes and songs.  Rhymes and songs incorporate all the ingredients for a happy, fun and unconsciously educational experience.  They aid memory and include valuable language sounds, alliterative phrases, rhythms, patterns and structures.  Children play with the short texts of rhymes and discover the mechanics of the Irish language.  Frequent recitation and singing of rhymes and songs, in any language, has been proven to enhance children’s linguistic, cognitive, personal, social, and emotional development and consequently provides a strong start in life.

The workshop will cover the following:

  • To raise awareness of the importance of introducing a second language in the early years
  • To assist childcare providers in exploring simple Irish rhymes and games in Irish
  • To raise awareness of the Government’s 20 Year Strategy for the Irish language (2010-2030) which states: “Pre-school and non-formal learning are important dimensions of Irish language revitalisation. All the research in this area has shown that it is easiest to acquire a new language in the earliest years”


  • Glenview Hotel, 13th September 7.30pm – 9pm

No of places: 20

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