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Equality Diversity and Inclusion Charter and Guidelines









Diversity, Equality and Inclusion training and developing your inclusion policy

Following the development of the launch of AIM in June 2016, an element of the universal supports (Levels 1-3) for the early years sector includes a new Inclusion Charter underpinned by updated Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Guidelines for Early Childhood Care and Education.

The National Training Programme provides practitioners with an opportunity to explore the concepts of Diversity and Equality within the preschool context and will support participants in the development of an inclusive early years environment for all children.

The programme will help participants to;

  • engage effectively with the Diversity, Equality & Inclusion guidelines
  • support all children to meet the learning goals outlined within the Identity and Belonging and Well-being themes of Aistear.
  • support children and families from minority groups e.g. Traveller Community, Children with Additional Needs, Ethnic Minorities
  • develop an Inclusion Policy as required under the Childcare Early Years Services Regulations 2016

This 15 hour training programme for educators has been developed around the Charter and Guidelines.  WCCC delivered 10 training programmes in 2017 with another 7 planned between now and July 2018.    The training is free to all.

It explores a wide variety of challenges facing early childhood services that can inhibit or prevent services operating in a fully inclusive manner. Challenges such as prejudice, real representation of all children in an early childhood service, strategies to promote inclusive practice and how to draw up an Inclusion policy for your early childhood service are all explored. The programme uses the strength based Anti-Bias approach throughout.


Testimonials from some of our recent participants:

“Great course highly recommend for all those in childcare to attend, makes you more aware of diversity.”  Sandra McFreal

“Very informative course that has a good balance of theory and practical discussions related to your service.  Highlights own professional practice and makes you consider your own mindframe.  Great course.”  Brona Conway

“Excellent course, very informative and made me reflect on my own practice”.  Anon

“I would highly recommend this course for everyone.  Lots of reflective practice and self evaluation on your own biases and knowledge on a range of diversities in our society.  Excellent course.”  Jenny Cullen

“Very interesting course, very informative and opens your eyes to many aspects of diversity, equality and inclusion.  I would fully recommend for anyone to do this course.”  Sacha Behan

“Very informative course and enjoyable, great group discussions and interactive course work.  Highly recommend this to everyone who works in childcare.”  Sara Ryan

“I would highly recommend this course for everyone working in childcare.  This course provided examples of practical applications and food for thought on my own bias and challenge other peoples biases.”  Jenny Kane

“Ignite thought regarding diversity, equality and inclusion and passing information on positivity to children, families and community.  How we think and how we pass on info learn.  Information is knowledge.”  Anon

“A wide awakening to my own bias and judgements of everyday and how this can effect children.  I am now more confident with approaching situations such as with parents.  It is something that everyone should have to do as we are in a changing and growing community, to allow the children to grow and develop in an environment that is equal and diverse so they can thrive.”  Laura Behan

“Informative, interesting and enjoyable.  Really learned a lot more than I thought I knew already.  But now know how to deal with it in general as a plus because I complete the course.”  Amanda McLysaght





Participants must attend all four dates to complete the training.  Places are limited to two per service with a maximum of 16 places per programme.

 Glenview Hotel 22nd Sept 10am – 4pm
1st Oct 7pm – 10pm
8th Oct 7pm – 10pm
22nd Oct 7pm – 10pm

To book a place on one of the above training course please complete our online booking form.  All four dates must be attended to receive your certificate.

Places are limited so early booking is essential due to popularity of this course.



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