• Please read this advice from POBAL regarding ECCE leavers on PIP

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    iStock_000008945430_ExtraSmallInstructions regarding processing a child leaving ECCE can be found in the “How To Guide”

    Please ensure you refer to the Guide when processing leavers through the PIP Portal.

    Key points for ECCE service providers to note

    • Every time a parent notifies that their child will be leaving, it is the responsibility of the service provider to log on to the PIP portal and submit an ECCE Leaver Form by editing the original registration (see also how to guide).

    Please click on the following link to access the PIP homepage.

    https://www.pobal.ie/FundingProgrammes/EarlyEducationandChildcare/Pages/PIP.aspx. Links to the PIP portal and the How to Guide are located on the right hand side of this page.

    • Having logged on through the portal the procedure is a follows:

    Select Edit Registration,
    Select Registration Change and then
    Select Leaver and process accordingly.  

                    Submit the completed Leaver and print off the ‘Child Leaving ECCE’ Parent Declaration form.

    • One copy of the ‘Child Leaving ECCE’ Parent Declaration form should be given to the parent to take to the new facility. All  Service Providers are advised to ask parents who are transferring from another service for the ‘Child Leaving ECCE’ declaration.  This declaration will inform the provider the date from which the registration will be eligible for ECCE funding and if the required four pre-school weeks’ notice has been provided.  If a child is starting in a new service and has not given notice to the original service, it is the responsibility of the new service to follow up with parents on the payment of pre-school fees for that 4 week period.    The original service is also advised that a copy of the signed ‘Child Leaving ECCE’ Parent Declaration should be retained by them for compliance purposes.
    • Please note leaver forms must not be submitted to DCYA or  Pobal. If you experience difficulties/errors with the on-line leaver process, please contact the  on-line support help desk to discuss.
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