• Over age excemptions for the ECCE year

    Posted on September 1, 2015 by in News Updates

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    1)  An overage child can be catered for where they haven’t received the full pre-school year – on the condition they won’t be 6 during the pre-school year.  The service provider must register them the same as any other child, and add the Registration Request – select Exemption, and simply type in “Overage exemption required, child has not previously availed of the ECCE programme”.

    However, an underage child can not be allowed to avail of the ECCE programme.

    2)  If a child avails of 4 weeks of the ECCE programme and then transfers to the TEC or CCS programme for the remainder of the year, the child will be allowed to avail of the remaining 28 weeks in the following year.

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