• National Walk to School Week 2014

    Posted on May 13, 2014 by in News Updates

    Students from Green-Schools all over Ireland will come together during National Walk to School Week: May 12th to 16th 2014 to show their support for a greener, healthier environment by encouraging pupils, parents and teachers to walk to school wherever possible.

    Join in Green-Schools’ National WOW day on Wednesday 14th May 2014 and help us reach the target of 20,000 people walking to school all over Ireland!

    • Download a National Walk to School Week 2014 poster here. Download a version as Gaeilge here.

    You can also combine walking events with a week of activities aimed at raising awareness of the benefits of walking to school. Why not try out some of the following suggestions:

    • Organise a sponsored Walk to School event – this year we are asking Green-Schools to consider supporting Cara’s Dream to Walk; see below for further information
    • WOW day in fancy dress
    • Walk Around Ireland – Use this resource to encourage and monitor a culture of walking within your school. Start it during Walk to School Week 2014 (Ask your local Green-Schools Travel Education Officer for details)
    • Walk more than once a week, by running ‘Feet First Friday’, ‘Trot on Tuesday’, ‘March on Monday’ for example
    • Organise a Walk to School non-uniform day
    • Organise a health and physical activity week
    • Organise speakers e.g. road safety talk
    • Run competitions (e.g. posters, green codes or slogans, songs, poems)
    • Be creative and think of your own ideas and most importantly … have fun!
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