• Halloween Tips & Activities for you and your child

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    October tips

    Halloween suggestions for you and your child…



    Your child might like making marks on these Halloween colouring-in sheets. You could do finger painting and make a pumpkin shape in orange paint! If you would like to carve a pumpkin here are instructions. Let your baby or toddler explore the size, shape and texture of the pumpkin and the texture inside as well. When you are out for a walk, point out leaves falling from the trees and spider webs. You can pretend you are a spider creeping up and sing incy wincey spider. Encourage your baby to move around as much as possible. Your baby will have fun pretending to be a dog, a sheep, a chicken or a fox. 
    On Halloween night you could play some traditional games at home. For dressing up or scary games you can also use the tips for pretend play here. Read the “Ten little bunnies” e-book and watch out for the witch! Your four year old might like this Halloween themed matching app for your smart phone (not iPhone). Your child will enjoy drawing witches and pumpkins. All they need is a packet of crayons or markers and paper. For a little break look at this 46 seconds video together. It shows trees and how they change with the seasons.
    Halloween is a good time for telling ghost stories and jokes. Offer to tell your child a story but they have to help you out. Get them to tell you, all the words they know that are to do with Halloween. Then you make up the story and use the words they know. Be careful not to scare them too much! Some children will like to dress up for Halloween. You might also remember these traditional halloween games. Your child can match, spell and use their memory with this Halloween app for iPhone or iPad.
    Your child can help you decorate the house and carve a pumpkin for the festive season. They can design the face and read out the step by step instructions. Here is a Halloween crossword that they can do online or print out. Have fun telling ghost stories but don’t scare them too much. Together you can read this story called “The boy who wasn’t there”. It’s an e-book about a visiting ghost. Encourage your child to read a broad range of books, poems and newspapers. Remember the library has a big selection and staff to ask advice about books.
    If your child is reading but not really understanding what they are reading, these tips on reading comprehension might help. Here’s a fun Halloween typing game with ghosts and a Halloween themed online word search. When Halloween is over, you might want to take out a pack of playing cards. A video from the link here gives you instructions about how to play the card game “Spit”. You can play with two or more players but be warned, it is fast! Here is a basic maths app that is pleasant to use. Don’t be fooled though. The multiplication and division levels get tricky after a while.

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