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    Posted on May 27, 2014 by in News Updates

    More than ever, parents are taking an active interest and role in the provision of early years education and care to their children. This means that developing, managing and maintaining positive relationship with parents is a key aspect of running a successful service. It can also consume a large proportion of time, especially if not managed well.

    At a recent briefing on the forthcoming new Early Years Inspection system, one interesting element of the proposal is to carry out surveys of parents in services, to garner their feedback on how they perceive their child’s social emotional and educational development to be progressing as well as on the details of how their interaction with the service has been managed – I.e. Were they given a copy of the relevant policies and procedures? Do they receive regular feedback on their child’s behaviour and development? Are they aware of the service’s policies and procedures in the event of an accident or emergency or in relation to the administration of any medicines etc.

    This three hour session which will focus on three areas of partnership with parents;

    1. Before the child joins the service
    2. While the child is in the service
    3. Transitioning from the service

    The session will focus on these three areas distinctly.  The aim is to get services thinking about new ways to partner with  parents and to update existing practices where needed. There is also the objective of encouraging services to document how partnership with parents happens in their service and to use this documentation as a marker of quality and professionalism.

    Date & venue:

    7th June, The Glendalough Hotel


    10am – 1pm



    Places per course: 20

    To book a place for this event please complete our booking form and forward by post with the relevant fee.

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