• Government launches major anti-bullying plan

    Posted on January 29, 2013 by in News Updates


    A major plan to tackle bullying in schools will be published by the Government later today.

    The Action Plan on Bullying, which will be unveiled by Minister for Education Ruairí Quinn and Minister for Children Francis Fitzgerald, will provide guidelines for schools outlining best practice in dealing with bullying.

    Schools may be required to keep a formal record of bullying incidents and report them to boards of management.

    The report will draw on findings of a working group on bullying and a national anti-bullying forum, which brought together experts, support groups and school representatives to examine ways to reduce the prevalence of bullying.

    Speaking in the Dáil last week, Mr Quinn said the issue of homophobic bullying and cyber-bullying would be addressed by the action plan.

    “It is not the final answer, and I do not know if there will ever be a final answer to the problem,” he said.

    “Nevertheless, it is a significant advance on what was done before and the guidelines have not been revised in the past 20 years.”

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