• First Aid Training update – further clarification from TUSLA

    Posted on February 8, 2018 by in News Updates

    The Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services (Amendment) Regulations 2016 clearly states that a designated person trained in First Aid must be immediately available to children in the service. This staff member must have FAR training. The regulation is satisfied once a FAR trained person is immediately available to children at all times. Services may provide supplementary First Aid Training , at their discretion to additional staff within the service.

    The only circumstance in which a service will be required to have more than one staff member with FAR training is to provide cover where it is” a large service which is open for longer than the FAR trained person is on site. Additionally , services which provide outings must also ensure that a FAR trained first aider must accompany the children going on an outing (the second trained FAR trained person staying with the remaining children in the service)

    During our inspections we will not be assessing all staff for first aid training, but will be ensuring that those listed for this purpose will be FAR trained and that someone with FAR training is on site at all times”.

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