• Expansion of the CCS Programme

    Posted on February 8, 2017 by in News Updates

    The Department of Children and Youth Affairs has directed the expansion of the Community Childcare Subvention (CCS) Programme to Community/Not-for Profit Childcare Services.

    This means that:

    • Community/Not-for-Profit Childcare Providers will be allowed to register new children from January 2nd 2017 onwards through the option of electronically signing a CCS Plus Contract.


    • CCS services who activate a CCS Plus contract may enrol ECCE children for weeks the ECCE programme does not apply (i.e. Easter and Summer months).

    What is CCS Plus?

    The CCS Private Contract is being rebranded the CCS Plus Contract and is effective from 2 January 2017.  This will allow Community/Not-for-Profit Childcare Providers to make child registrations for those attending the service and are eligible under the programme from 2 January 2017 onwards under CCS Plus (CCSP).

    Who can apply for a CCS Plus Contract?

    • Current CCS services may activate a CCS Plus Contract.

    Please note: Bank Details, Service Calendar and Fees List submitted under the CCS Programme will automatically be transferred to the CCSP contract on its activation.

    • New Community/Not-for-Profit childcare providers may apply for a CCS Plus Contract if they do not already have a CCS Contract.
    • Private providers who do not already have a CCS Private Contract may also apply for a CCS Plus Contract.

    Both new community/not-for-profit childcare providers and new private childcare providers will need to apply through their local City/County Childcare Committee for a CCS Plus Contract.

    Please note: Private childcare providers currently on a CCS Private Contract are unaffected and do not need to reapply for a CCS Plus Contract.

    For existing Community Providers who do not enter into a CCS Plus contract, the existing terms and conditions of the CCS contract remain the same.

    How is a child eligible for CCS Plus?

    A child must be attending the service with a CCS Plus contract.  The parent/child’s CCS eligibility must be valid at the time of the child’s registration.  Other requirement’s Parent and child’s names, PPSNs and Dates of birth are the same as the CCS registrations.  A child under CCS Plus must not be registered under any other programme at the same time.

    Registrations made under the CCS Plus Contract fall under its terms and are aligned also to the terms and conditions currently set out in the Childcare Funding Programmes Information and FAQs for CCS Private registrations.  These will be amended to CCS Private/Plus in due course.

    What are the notable differences between CCS and CCS Plus (CCSP)?

    Registrations under CCS Plus may be entered at any time (from 2 January 2017) and are not limited to the snapshot period.  However if a child leaves under CCSP, the notice period is 2 weeks and the CCSP funding is automatically released.  There is no 4 week notice period or any retention of funding.

    2 weeks’ notice is also the timeframe for children being absent from the service under CCSP, instead of the 4 weeks’ notice on the CCS programme.

    Please note that for 50 to 52 week CCS services, only weeks the service is open are paid for under the CCSP programme.

    CCSP eligibility must be attached to each registration showing the proof of eligibility within 1 month prior to or during the child’s start week on the registration.  Medical and GP visit cards must be valid at child’s registration start week.  This is opposed to the CCS eligibility during the snapshot period under the CCS Programme.

    Each CCSP registration is manually processed and is not sent for verification to the Department of Social Protection and HSE.

    What are the benefits of activating a CCS Plus contract?

    Children who started after the snapshot period and are CCS eligible may be registered under the CCSP programme.  Registrations may not be earlier than 2 January 2017.

    Children who were registered under the CCS programme but who have increased their level of service e.g. 2 day to 5 day or children who have increased their CCS eligibility e.g. Band B to Band A may leave the CCS programme and join CCSP.

    Under the CCS Plus contract, the CCS service must not retain funding for CCS children on leaving.  This will allow children to be released for other childcare programmes e.g. ECCE, and not infringe on registering new CCSP children, (“replacement children” under the CCS programme).

    Please note:  Services who join CCSP must not have double funded childcare places.  Funding must be released from CCS first before entering CCSP children.

    ECCE Children are now permitted on the CCS Plus Programme for Easter and Summer Holidays.

    Children, who are registered on the ECCE programme, are now eligible to apply for the CCS Plus Programme for the school holidays, i.e. Easter and Summer holidays.  Children may only be registered on the CCSP Programme where there is no ECCE registration applicable for the same timeframe.

    Is the CCS Plus available now?

    This process is currently being developed on PIP but is due out in early March.  Updated notices will be issued closer to the time along with updated How to Guides on CCSP.

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