• Early Years Hive Improvements

    Posted on March 22, 2021 by in News Updates

    We are happy to highlight two updates recently made to the Early Years Hive based on service provider feedback. We will continue to work with services on ways to improve the user experience of this portal and will communicate any changes with you here.

    Announcements calendar

    A new calendar feature has been added to Hive, located under the Announcements menu dropdown. This calendar displays key dates and upcoming deadlines for services on a monthly basis, this should be especially beneficial as we move closer to the summer months and Programme Readiness.
    Announcements will continue to be posted on the Announcements page, but this calendar gives a clear visualisation of what’s coming up and what actions may need to be taken by services. We advise that you check both this calendar and the announcements page regularly to keep updated.
    Note the entries on this calendar are managed by Pobal and cannot be edited or added to by the portal user.

    Guidance for the Funding menu

    New guidance has been added under the Quick Guides section of the Early Years Hive. This page will help you navigate the Funding menu of Hive and can be accessed by going to NCS Quick Guides > Payments/funding.
    Three new training videos are available on this page. These videos show you how to do the following on Hive:

    ·        View programme funding via the Contracts page

    ·        View payments issued via the Payments Issued page

    ·        View allocations via the Allocations page

    Please also note that there are further training videos available for NCS and ECCE on YouTube.


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