• Diversity and Equality in the Early Years

    Posted on April 29, 2013 by in News Updates

    An evaluation has been published of the Pre-School Education Initiative for Children from Minority Groups. The initiative involved training and mentoring for early childhood educators in diversity and equality practice, using the Anti-Bias Education approach.  The evaluation found the approach to be very effective in achieving positive change.  The anti-bias approach supports educators to reflect critically on their practice.  In Ireland it informed the development of the éist project, which in turn influenced the recent initiative.  Its goals are to:

    • Support children’s identity (individual and group) and their sense of belonging.
    • Foster children’s empathy and support them to be comfortable with differences between children.
    • Encourage each child to think about diversity and bias.
    • Empower children to stand up for themselves and others in difficult situations.

    The full evaluation report is available here

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