Getting Insurance

Many home insurance policies cover childminding for up to 2 children, which can be extended to mind up to 6 children. For specific childminding insurance, there are policies, such as that offered by Childminding Ireland,  which are tailored packages for minding up to 6 children. The following is a sampling of what is available.

Childminding Ireland Members Insurance Package

Insurance and Registered  membership of Childminding Ireland is combined in one form, one  payment, one renewal date, with immediate cover! It’s simple and easy to do.

As Insured Registered Members, Childminders  have access to the full range of services:– including free advertising space on the  The insurance is comprehensive and provides :

  • Public Liability covering insurable accidents
  • All  risks cover on equipment relating to Childminding, with low €125 excess
  • Outings, including swimming with increased ratio of 1 adult to 5 Children
  • Loss of Income if your service closes due to certified illness
  • Employer Liability, to include helpers or substitutes
  • Legal advice and counselling helpline.

For more information, click here  or  call 01 2878466  or email

Alternative providers of professional childcare insurance include, and they also cover childminders. It’s always good to shop  around for the best price.

Your Home Insurance

Some home insurance policies cover Childminding, but if you have not informed your current insurer, they may refuse a claim on the grounds of non-disclosure. Other polices may be extended to cover childminding in the home for up to 6 children, for small increase in your premium. Where possible, get a written statement of exactly what is covered when extending a home insurance policy.

If you are renting and do not wish to join Childminding Ireland, you can go for public liability insurance, which offers a similar level of coverage as a home insurance package.

Your Car Insurance

You should check with your car insurer as to whether or not you are covered to carry minded children. Since you are paid to mind these, they may ask you to get Class 2 insurance to cover the use of your car for business purposes, which will mean an extra premium. However, this is unnecessary as many car insurance packages cover you to carry minded children. In any case, it is best inform your insurer that you are childmindiong or otherwise the cover may be deemed invalid.

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