The ready to mind Quiz

  1. Do you really feel you need adult company during each day? Childminding can be very lonely unless you really enjoy children’s company and conversation.
  2. What advantages and disadvantages are there to where your home is? Think of traffic, facilities, shops, schools, play opportunities, playgroups within walking distance. Are there any anti-social activities or difficult neighbours?
  3. Are you and your family prepared to make sacrifices? Caring for other children will take up space, time and attention. How will your own children or your partner cope? Will they support you in this service? Will you find enough time to care yourself?
  4. Can you earn enough money as a childminder? Childminders can make savings by working at home, but there are extra expenses, such as utilities, food, and insurance to cover your service. The last national survey of childminding rates showed an average of €151 per child per week with a range of fees from €123 to €201. €5 per hour is the average part time rate.
  5. Do you feel you could share care with parents? Many parents can be particular about feeding, nap time and behaviour. Some can even fear that their baby will “love” the childminder more than them. Are you good at coming to win/win solutions to problems? At coming to compromises that keep everyone happy?
  6. Do you feel you could be organised enough to run your own business? As a self-employed childminder, you will have to manage all your marketing, banking, pension, tax returns. (Yes, even if you claim the Childminders Tax Relief) Could you learn to handle that?
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