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Early Years is an overarching term that includes Pre-School Services. The Child and Family Agency is responsible for inspecting pre-schools, play groups, day nursery, crèches, day-care and similar services which cater for children aged 0-6 years.  The Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, published the Child Care Regulations (The Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016 on the 4th May 2016. These Regulations are effective on a phased basis from 30th June 2016. The 2016 Regulations provide for pre-school services, that is, those services catering for children under the age of 6 who are not attending primary school. The Child Care Regulations (The Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services)( Amendments) Regulations 2016 were published on the 20th December 2016 effective from the 31st December 2016.

Part 12 of The Child and Family Agency Act amends the Child Care Act 1991(as inserted by section 92 of The Child and Family Agency Act) known as Part VIIA sets out the Supervision of Early Years Services.

The  Child Care (Pre-School Services) Regulations 2006 were revoked with the commencement of the 2016 Regulations.

Early Years (Pre School) Inspectorate

Click here for information on choosing a pre-school, contacting pre-school inspectors or to view a list of pre-schools in your area.

Inspection Reports

Tusla publishes Inspection reports of Early Years Services on an ongoing basis.  Where available the providers responses are also published online on the Tusla website.

A list of service providers, inspection reports, and the associated correspondence reports can also be accessed. Click here to view.

Types of Early Years Services

Click here for information in relation to the types of Pre-school services.

List of Early Years Services by County

Click here for contact information for Pre-school services by County

Early Years/Pre School Inspectors

Contact information for Early Years/Pre-school Inspectors is available here.

Early Years Inspectorate Update

Click here for updates on developments within the Early Years Inspectorate.

Tips for Parents

Parents should expect that their child should be safe, well-cared for and happy in a childcare service.  Click here to view tips for parents.

Standard Operating Procedures for Early Years Services

Standard Operating Procedures are designed to assist Early Years Personnel in undertaking their work when engaging with Early Years Service Providers and their employees.  Click here to view.

New Registrations


It is a legal requirement from for all early years services proposing to operate from the 30th June 2016 to make application under section 58D(2) of The Child and Family Agency Act 2013, at least 3 months before it is intended to commence operation. ( except in the case of a Temporary early years service in which case at least 21 days notice must be given) Application can be made via the Tusla TEYIS Service Portal.. Click here for more information.

Regulatory Inspection Tool, Regulatory Inspection Report, Factual Accuracy Form and CAPA

The Child Care Act 1991(Early Years Services) Regulations 2016 require that all early years services in Ireland strive for full compliance across all early years regulations.

Early Years Quality and Regulatory Framework

The Early Years Inspectorate has developed a Quality and Regulatory Framework (QRF), to support registered Early Years Services to comply with the 2016 Regulations. The QRF does this by setting out the core regulatory requirements in a transparent way, bringing together evidence-based, national and international research and best practice in Early Years. The QRF aims to support registered providers in achieving compliance with the regulations and enhance the safety and care of children who attend these services. The QRF is child-centred, with a specific focus on the quality and safety of the care provided directly to children using the services.

Tusla Early Years Inspectorate, in collaboration with the Department of Children and Youth Affairs, launched the Quality and Regulatory Framework on Wednesday the 5th of September 2018 in Dublin.  Click here to download the QRF documents relevant to your service.

Guidelines for Developing Policies and Procedures

These documents were developed to assist Early Years Services in developing Policies and Procedures.  Click here to download the documents.

Guidelines for ELC services on Inspections

This document is designed to give guidance to anyone who works in an early years service about why the Tusla Early Years Inspectorate undertakes inspections, how inspections work and what the various outcomes of inspections are.

Click here to download the documents.

Advice if you have a difficulty or complaint about a service

Click here for information on who to talk to and how to make a complaint.
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