How to check where your UK qualification stands on the Irish National Qualification Framework


As part of the forthcoming National Standards for Early Years in the Rep. of Ireland, all practitioners working in the early years sector will be required to hold minimum levels of qualifications from September 2015.

For ECCE Room Leaders the minimum will be a Level 6 qualification in childcare, whilst all other staff will be required to hold a minimum Level 5 childcare qualification.

Many people have gained qualifications in the past from bodies that are accredited in the UK and are now wondering where these qualifications stand on the Irish National Qualifications Framework (see graph of this frameowrk below to see how it works).

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If you would like to check your UK qualification, then follow the following 3 steps:

Step 1:

If your qualification is quite old, check where it stands in the UK by finding it using this tool on the Dept. of Education (UK) website: CLICK HERE to confirm the level of your UK early years qualification

This will confirm that your qualication is, for example, a UK Level 4 qualification.

Step 2:

Using this handy leaflet, you can check where your UK qualification stands on the Irish National Qualifications Framework. So, for example, you will see that  Full UK Level 4 award is equal to a Full Level 6 qualification in the Rep. of Ireland. CLICK HERE to view the Qualifications Can Cross Boundaries Document

Step 3:

Print off the above two documents, staple them together so you (and the service you are working for) can keep them on file in case your asked for it as part of an audit or inspection.

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