Early Years (Pre-school) Regulations and DCEDIY Childcare Programmes Qualification Requirements


A list of Early Years DCEDIY Recognised Qualifications for the purposes of meeting the minimum qualification requirement in the pending Early Years Regulations and for meeting the contractual requirements for the DCEDIY Childcare Funding Programmes has been published.

This list will enable employees working in the Early Years sector in Ireland to verify whether the qualifications they hold will be recognised.

This list also sets out the qualifications that will be recognised for the purposes of the DCEDIY Childcare Programmes, in particular, that of the qualification requirement for the room leader in the ECCE programme and for a service to receive the ECCE Higher Capitation rate.

Where a qualification is not published on the list of DCEDIY Early Years Recognised Qualifications but the holder considers it to be an appropriate Major Award at Level 5 on the NFQ or equivalent, the holder can apply to have their qualification assessed for approval. If it is approved for recognition the details of the qualification will be added to the list of DCEDIY Early Years Recognised Qualifications

The Published list of DCEDIY Early Years Recognised Qualifications can be downloaded here.

The list will be converted into a searchable database in the near future and will be updated on a regular basis as other qualifications are approved.

The Application Form for Qualifications Recognition can be downloaded here.

A new Learner Fund to assist existing employees in Early Years Services to up-skill to the required minimum qualification for the purposes of the pending Regulations has also been announced. Local City and County Childcare Committees will liaise with services prior to the official launch of the Learner Fund, which will be in the near future.



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