Provider Network meetings


Network meetings are arranged so that providers can meet other providers in their area for an informal chat about what’s happening in childcare in the area/county/nationally.  It is a way of sharing good news, issues discussed and, hopefully, solved or just a social check-in with your colleagues for an hour to discuss childcare matters over a cup of tea/coffee.  They are informal and each is different.

The Arklow Network moves around the different services, taking turns to host it.  The dates are picked on the night for the next one, usually two monthly.  The Wicklow Network meets in the kitchen of WCCC offices at present but that could change in the future.  In Spring 2016 a Rural Network will be established for those based in rural areas that don’t attend the Wicklow or Arklow Networks.  The rural network will meet in services based in the rural areas, e.g. Roundwood, NTMK, Rathdrum, etc.

WCCC is pleased to assist with re-establishing local area networks for childcare service providers (and staff).  These are seen as a means of informally giving and receiving support at local level.

For further information please contact the County Development Officer below for your area.

Susan Hill – East/South Wicklow

Marie Cuddihy – North Wicklow

Assumpta O’Neill – West Wicklow

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