CCS ‘Transitional’ (CCST) Scheme

Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) Childcare Funding

CCS ‘Transitional’ (CCST) Scheme – Nationwide access to free childcare for homeless families.



As part of the “Rebuilding Ireland – an Action Plan for Housing and Homelessness” the Department of Children and Youth Affairs has committed to introducing a new scheme under the current CCS Programme, which will provide access to free childcare for homeless children. The new scheme is to be known as Community Childcare Subvention Transitional (CCST).

A flat rate of €110 per week, for part-time childcare over 5 days per week will be paid in relation to each child attending under CCS Transitional once approved, for the eligible duration of their childcare place.

Service providers may start registering children under this programme once signed up for same.  If you, as a service provider, are providing childcare to children that are eligible for the CCS Transitional Scheme, then you must contact your local County Childcare Committee (CCC) to request to apply. 

Note: A ‘How to’ guide on the CCS Transitional registration process will be posted shortly on the PIP Portal and PIP Homepage.  It is recommended that all relevant service providers understand the ‘How to’ Guide in preparation for the registration of any eligible CCS Transitional children in their service(s).



Can any service register a child under this programme?

Service Providers must already be in contract with DCYA under the CCS/CCSP programmes to be eligible.   Access to CCST will be on an ‘as requested’ basis only, and must be requested by Service Providers.  Service Providers can request that their service be enabled to provide CCST on PIP by contacting their local CCC.

What does the service provide to the parent?

A CCST Parental Declaration Form will be made available to the relevant Service Providers, who must complete this Form manually and retain for compliance purposes

What do parents need to provide?

CCST provides childcare for parents with the relevant eligibility documentation from the Department of Children and Youth Affairs.  Further details will follow in relation to the eligibility document.   A template of this letter will be circulated in the coming weeks, along with a CCST ‘How to’ Guide.

What will the DCYA Approval Process be?

Approval will be based on details submitted on the Department of Children and Youth Affairs Verification eligibility letter.  PPSN details and date of birth for both Parent and Child(ren) will be required.  Eligibility letters must be scanned onto the PIP registration for verification by DCYA.  A template of this letter will be published in the coming weeks, along with a CCST ‘How to’ Guide.

If there is a split in the placement, can the placement be moved?

Once the child is registered and approved for CCST funding, the service will receive a minimum of 4 weeks funding for the child from the start date of child’s attendance.  If there is non-attendance for two weeks or more, the relevant service will end-date the child on the PIP registration system. The childcare service will receive 2 weeks funding in lieu of notice.  Non-attendance may occur due to the family being moved to alternative accommodation and the need for the family to register in another childcare service.  In this instance, it may be necessary to afford the necessity of a cross over in funding in both services for the 2 weeks transition from one service to another.

Note:  the parent must submit the same Department of Children and Youth Affairs eligibility letter to both the first and second service providers.

Can a provider charge parents an additional fee?

No. Providers cannot charge an additional fee to CCST parents.


A child in my service may be eligible for CCST but is already in CCS/CCSP/ECCE, can they join CCST?

Yes, if a child is already in a DCYA childcare programme, the service will end-date the child’s registration on PIP and re-register the child on PIP under CCST.

Please note for CCS registered children  who wish to join CCST in the  same service, the childcare service must release the funding.


If the CCST child leaves the service, will the funding continue to be paid to the end of the programme year?

No, when the child’s place is no longer needed or the child has not attended for two weeks or more, the CCS/CCSP funding will cease.  The provider will receive two weeks funding in lieu of notice.


Will the provider only be funded for the days that the child attends?

A flat payment of €110 will be paid by the DCYA for part-time attendance for 5 days per week.


Is the provider required to supply food to the child?

Yes, a daily meal must be provided for each child, the cost of which is included in the subvention rate.


Can any parent apply for CCST childcare for their child?

No.  Only those parents who hold the correct eligibility letter from the Department of Children & Youth Affairs will be accepted for CCST’.  A template of this letter will be circulated in the coming weeks, along with a CCST ‘How to’ Guide.

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