What is CCSP?

CCS Plus (CCSP) is an expansion of CCS to allow Community/Not for Profit Childcare Providers to make child registrations, for those attending the service, and are eligible under the programme from 2nd January, 2017 onwards.

CCS Private will now come under CCSP.


Who can apply for a CCS Plus contract?

  • Current CCS services
  • New Community/Not for Profit Childcare providers, if they do not already have a CCS contract.
  • Private Providers who do not already have a CCS Private contract


How do I apply?

Only new community/not for profit childcare providers who do not currently have a CCS contract and new private childcare providers will need to apply through their local City/County Childcare Committee for a CCS Plus contract.


I already have a CCS Private contract, do I need to apply for a new CCS Plus contract?

No, Private childcare providers currently on a CCS Private contract are unaffected and do not need to reapply for a CCS Plus contract.


I have an existing CCS contract and do not wish to enter CCS Plus, what happens to my CCS contract?

For existing Community Providers who do not wish to enter into a CCS Plus contract, the existing terms and conditions of the CCS contract remain the same.


I have an existing CCS contract and wish to enter CCS Plus, what do I do?

  • PAU logs onto the portal and navigates to the Programme tab.
  • Click on the activate link on the CCSP contract
  • Tick the relevant boxes
  • Submit
  • Pobal will activate the contract on the same day. Once the contract has been activated, the service can register children.

Please notethe CCS Plus contract cannot be activated until the programme goes live.   This date will be announced on the PIP Portal.


What are the eligibility requirements?

  • The parent/child’s CCS eligibility must be valid at the time of the child’s registration Eligibility documents must be dated within 1 month prior to but not expiring before the  child’s start week on the registration This includes Medical Cards and GP visit cards which must be valid during child’s registration start week.
  • A child under CCS Plus must not be registered under any other programme at the same time

Registrations made under the CCS Plus Contract fall under its terms and are aligned also to the terms and conditions currently set out in the Childcare Funding Programmes Information and FAQs for CCS Private registrations.   These will be amended to CCS Plus in due course.


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