• CCS/P Registrations & ECCE Eligibility

    Posted on October 4, 2018 by in News Updates

    Following discussions with the DCYA, it has been agreed that Pobal will review registrations for Services with a Higher Capitation approval for 2018-2019 and/or an AIM Level 1 (LINC) approval for 2018-2019 with children registered for CCS/P who are within the eligible age range for the 2018-2019 ECCE Programme.

    This may result in a top up payment to those Services, based on the current capitation rates below:

    – Higher Capitation = €11.25 per eligible registration (1 FTE)
    – AIM Level 1 LINC = €2.00 per eligible registration (1 FTE)

    Pobal will complete a calculation of any payments due for Higher Capitation and/or AIM Level 1 (LINC) for eligible CCS/P children and will process that payment as a special budget in June 2019.

    The payment will take into account the following:

    a. Attendance(FTE)/Leavers/Change in level of service
    b. The Higher Capitation CAP in relation to numbers of
    eligible FTEs
    c. The Service Calendar for the facility

    As with the previous programme call, this review will be completed in June 2019 to ensure accuracy of calculations across the programme year and to reduce any overpayments.

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