• CCS Registrations now open on PIP – Deadline Friday 19th 5pm

    Posted on December 5, 2014 by in News Updates

    CCS Child Registrations will be launched on Friday 5th December 2014.  A PIP CCS ‘How to’ Guide will be available to download from Service Providers PIP Portals and from the PIP Homepage.

    walk to schoolCCS Service Providers are requested in the first instance to ONLY register those children whose parent/guardian is applying for subvention and who’s child was enrolled to attend during the CCS Snap-Shot Week (20th-24th October 2014).  As with all other years, it is the level of service the child was availing of during the Snap-Shot Week that must be registered.

    CCS Service Providers will have two weeks (until Friday 19th December 2014) to submit Child Registrations for the Snap-Shot Week, at which point all data will be taken from the PIP System in order to go through the CCS Eligibility Verification Process.

    It is envisaged that the CCS Verifications Process will run until the end of January 2015, at which point Approved CCS Bands will be published on PIP. Further details in relation to the CCS Appeals Process will follow.

    TEC to CCS Transfers: Please note that PIP will administer TEC to CCS Transfers (TEC Exemptions) at the point in which the child is due to transfer on to CCS (but before the 10th April 2015) and so unlike previous years the child must not “come off TEC to be on CCS for Snap-Shot Week and then go back to TEC until the place is over”.

    It is only children who are enrolled in a TEC Place during the CCS Snap-Shot Week but who would otherwise have been eligible for CCS who can avail of the TEC to CCS Transfer.

    Further instructions will follow on how to process these TEC Exemptions, however, in the mean-time Service Providers are requested to ensure that all their TEC Registrations are accurate and to consult with their local CCC about any children who will be seeking to avail of the TEC Exemption for CCS later in the year.

    This PIP Homepage will confirm the launch of CCS Child Registrations on Friday morning.

    Before you begin registering your CCS children please take the time to read the How To Guide by CLICKING HERE


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